Current Projects

February 2019

Wildlands Sandspit Reserve Ecological Management Plan Nov 2014

Unitary Plan Submissions and Community Consultation

SSOSI has researched the potential impact of the Draft Unitary Plan and has made a major submission to the Planners.

The highlight of this submission is a request that a Sandspit Precinct be defined with its own rules to preserve that unique local character of Sandspit.

If you would like to read or download a PDF of this submission click here

We have circulated a Newsletter to all Sandspit households on this issue. If you missed it … click here

Long Term Plans and Ecological Studies


Sandspit Reserve Restoration Plan

We have asked that the Rodney Local Board reinstate this plan to their Annual Plan budget for 2013/14.  To read the plan click here.

When we are successful in this, we will be looking for community volunteers to work on the project. There will be a role for everyone at every level of fitness and capability.


Shorebird Study

Members, led by Frances Hall, have been collecting shorebird numbers for the last 4 years and the bird count data is now part of the national archive.


Benthic Life Study

The lower Matakana Estuary has rich and diverse cockle and marine worm populations. Guided by Dr. Roger Grace, we have collected 3 years of cockle counts.

This study has been extended in 2014 to include dredge sampling of the channels below the low tide mark.

The data is also being archived by Auckland Council.


Wai Care Stream Health Programme

Wai Care is an environmental initiative from Auckland Council to research, protect and enhance the stream life in the wider Auckland area.

SSOSI’s Wai Care Group has been tutored by Auckland Council biodiversity staff in monitoring the health of our streams and invertebrate identification.   The good news is that our streams are healthy but they are at risk of siltation from land slips and inappropriate development.

A freshwater fish survey in 2010 discovered a healthy breeding population of fish, inanga, eels and shrimps.


Shorebirds of Sandspit


Banded Rails at Sandspit