Sediment Plume in Omaha Bay

News February 2019

Introducing the 2019 Committee

Long standing members, Jean-Anne, Doug, Chris, Allison, Tony, Frances, Michelle, and Al are our new committee dedicated to continuing the major efforts of previous years (with thanks for the outgoing committee).

A particular focus is the continuing planting and development of the Brick Bay reserve. Working bees are announced via a sign board at the intersection of Sharps road. See you there!

Standby for Summer 2019 Newsletter!

January 2017 – check out the attached pamphlet about the native shorebirds that visit Sandspit

SSOSI.Birds Pamphlet

Read our Spring Newsletter – Restoration planting, birds returning to roost

Newsletter Spring 2016

Shellfish monitoring with SSOSI and Kaurilands School.  This article was published in the educational journal Primary Scientist in Britain

Shellfish Monitoring survey at Sandspit

Newsletter Summer 2016

Newsletter Winter 2015

Newsletter Spring 2015

110714 SSOSI Newsletter

SSOSI Newsletter-Winter-2012

Below is Michael Taplin’s presentation to Auckland Council Environment Committee: 27  August 2014.  There are accompanying notes (1) and a power point presentation (2).

1 Environment-Committee-presentation pdf

pdf2 Env.-Com-Presentation-July-2014

Tonkin & Taylor Report : Review of Coastal and Sea-Level Rise Hazard at Sandspit.pdf
Commissioned by the Rodney Local Board in July 2012, the report was presented to the Board in August 2013.

9 June 2014

Marina  – Coastal conditions

Coastal conditions

Marina – Land Use conditions

Land use conditions

February 2014

To see an report by Dr Roger Grace on marine pests in Sandspit please click on the following link

Sedimentation in the Sandspit Estuary

An article discussing Dr Roger Grace’s data on sedimentation in the Sandspit estuary was recently published in the New Zealand Herald. To read please click on the link below:

Unitary Plan submission from SSOSI

Prepared for SSOSI by Michael Taplin 9 April 2013.

Sandspit SOS Inc, a society representing environmental interests of Sandspit residents, makes the following submission to the Unitary Plan:
SSOSI Unitary Plan Submission